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Welcome gamers one and all to AJRetroGames! This is a site that aims to give honest reviews of games in the attempts to help you figure out if you should spend your hard earned money on them. While I don’t hold to any industry standards nor do I have the foggiest idea how games are made, I have been playing games for 18 years and I have seen my fair share and wasted my fair share of hard earned money on them. In my attempts to help you avoid the pitfalls of media hype, I play the games and get you an idea as soon as possible. If you have any ideas or want to know what games are worth playing that I haven’t review yet please drop me a line at ajretrogames@gmail.com or leave a comment on my Facebook page ajretrogames….oh and there is always twitter @ajretrogames….I’m sensing a theme here….anyways, I hope you enjoy and learn from my spending woes. But above all else, happy gaming!