Okay let’s talk Battlefield One. I’ve never been one to enjoy these games but with the graphical improvements that games have made these days, I found myself picking this one up…admittingly way cheaper than retail ($28 at cdkeys.com)…and right off the bat I was impressed. Characters looked realistic and I almost felt like I was in the war myself…but is it worth they money?

I think fans of the series will fall in love with this game. You take on the role of several people during the course of World War 1 and using tanks, planes…horses…and you battle your way through their War Stories. However game mechanic wise this game doesn’t really improve first person shooters. It really is just another entry into the long list of FPS games that consume our market place. Coming out just before Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Titanfall 2, it’s a taste of some of the best FPS shooter we’ve ever seen. A ringing endorsement to be sure but is there enough substance to make this game worth it? And should you buy it over the others?

Well one thing Battlefield has done consistently well is multiplayer. While not all of their games have been hailed as amazing multiplayer experiences, this one seems to be doing all right. Of course multiplayer is always competitive and if you’re like me (unskilled)…you’re gonna die a lot. But this aspect of the game can make up for how short the campaign is. But if you’re like me, it isn’t quite enough to make it worth full price. This is your standard FPS game just with amazing graphics and a new flight system that is awkward at best to get use to. Lucky for me I got this one at a discounted price and I feel I definitely got my moneys worth but if I hadn’t, I would have saved up for when it goes on sale…maybe during Black Friday.

If you’re a long time fan of the series then this is a must. If you’re not sure you’ll like it and have never played another entry in the series, then I think it’s worth waiting for a mark down for. I mean this is your hard earned money after all and you need something that has some replay ability and if you’re not great on the multiplayer front, then this title is lacking. It a graphically amazing game that loses out to a short campaign and broken story telling that leaves me wanting more but ultimately coming up short.


  • Amazing Graphics
  • Good Campaign
  • Good Multiplayer (for those of us that are alright at it)


  • Campaign is too short
  • Flight control is difficult to master
  • Multiplayer requires skill
  • Campaign story leaves something to be desired

Rating 7/10 (purely for graphics alone)