As a fan of Mafia and Mafia 2, when I discovered that Mafia 3 was on it’s way out, I was pretty excited. Playing as Vito Scaletta in the last game and fighting your way up the ladder was a great experience and I loved every minute. I was thinking something like that was what I was in store for until I saw the trailers. Mafia 3 is all about revenge for Lincoln Clay a Vet from the Vietnam War. When is family is murdered by the Mafia, Lincoln takes to the streets attempting to dismantle and take over New Bordeaux. Sounds amazing but is this game really worth you hard earned cash?

When I jumped into the game I instantly fell in love with the graphics and Lincoln Clay emerged as a no nonsense protagonist, fresh back from Vietnam. His family means the world to him and so he takes a job instead of escaping town, in order to settle a debt for his adopted father…problem is the deal was a double cross. However once you get free reign of this game, going in and out of buildings, the sun rising and setting. You start noticing that the graphics are lacking. You get an annoying metallic look on character models in extreme sunlight or darkness lingers on the screen too long when walking into darker buildings. On top of all that the aiming mechanics leave a lot to be desired and often got me killed.

The other thing about this game that is vexing is the fact that there are scattered goodies all over to collect. Old albums, paintings and of course vintage Playboys among some of the many things you can collect, however they give you nothing for collecting all of them. My completionist self wanted to find everything but I wasn’t even rewarded for my trouble. I also experienced mirrors that showed strange frozen images of things no longer there and found walls there sections were missing, showing the ever expanding void into nothingness. These are things that a well polished game developer catches but we are talking about 2k Games here. The company when I was young that produced cheaper games for us average middle class Americans.

So taking all this into mind what are some of the good points? Well you can collect a crew of characters that will help you hold the city. They give you perks, weapons and hired guns to help you fight. It makes city planning a thing, I could give one underboss a new section but if I give it to the other one I’ll get a new perk that allows me to buy the cops off. So you have to plan what you do and who you trust. Another great thing, Vito Scaletta makes a return! He becomes one of your underbosses and has some of my favorite side missions in the game. Mafia 3 also sports a very engaging story that I found hard to put down. In a day and age where I pick up games and play them until I get bored and move on to the next one, it was kind of refreshing to play a game I actually wanted to finish.

So is it worth your money? If you can live with a game that lacks polish graphicly but excels with a good story ark, then I say you should pick it up. If you really want the amazing polish and graphics befitting the “Next Gen” consoles that we have now, then maybe this one isn’t for you. All things considered I don’t think this game was a waste of my time and I’m thinking you won’t either.


  • Compelling Story
  • City Planning that makes you think about what you should do with new parts of the city
  • Vito Scaletta! Rather tying in another game from the series


  • Graphics, though pretty, lack the polish of our time
  • Weapon control isn’t always a pleasure to deal with
  • Collectables don’t give real rewards

Rating 6/10