No Man’s Sky was a game that brought with it all the hype and excitement that Sony Entertainment could muster. It offers a seemingly infinite universe for you and your friends to explore together…wait, no multiplayer support…okay well it allows you to at least buy a bunch of ships and big star freighters that you can use to fly around the galaxy…what no big starships either…it does at least offer warring factions right? Not even close…well you’re in space dammit! Just enjoy it!

That’s right No Man’s Sky literally offered it’s players the universe leading up to its release and it didn’t deliver on most of its promises. Now the developer is off the grid and any hope of this game getting the DLC that we require to add the content most feel slighted on…well it doesn’t look promising. So this of course begs the question, is it worth my money?

As hard as it is to say this, the answer to that question is of course it is! Look, no matter how you shake it, this game is pretty great. With 97 hours put into it, I think I can safely say that I got my $59.99 worth out of this one. I found it exciting to explore the universe and I worked hard to get the best ship and mining laser in the game. Then there is cataloging animals on the new planets that I found and of course there are space battles with some pirates. If you’re into space games this is one that you can’t afford to pass up.

Of course if you’re playing this one on the PC, the modding community took to fixing some of the issues themselves. With mods like LowFlight by Hytek, a mod that allows for unrestricted flight close to the planet’s surface and Fast Actions by Shadwar, which makes selecting items a faster process, your game becomes even better. The developer and Sony aren’t exactly big fans of this of course but when a game lets so many of it’s fans down, they take it as a call to action. The mods at might just be the only place to get some of the improvements that we’ve been hoping for and may never get from the developers themselves.

So again, is this game worth my money? Honestly it is, I haven’t managed to talk myself out of that thought as I write. I genuinely had a lot of fun exploring the universe and seeing what there was to see. Waiting for a cut in price or a deal might not be a bad idea but any space fan should be able to get $59.99 out of this game…though with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare already out, maybe it will give you enough of a taste of space, though it will be way more scripted then the freedom of No Man’s Sky, but I suppose it’s all up to what you want.


  • Beautiful Worlds
  • Space Commerce
  • Space Battles
  • Mining for resources
  • You’re in space!


  • We weren’t given what was promised
  • Game get’s repetitive after a while
  • New worlds feel too familiar
  • Lacks things a building element
  • No multiplayer support (even local multiplayer)

Rating 7/10