All I can do is stand and applaud this game. When I sat down to play it I did my typical check list. Great graphics? Check. Compelling story? Check. Controls easy to understand? Check. Spaceships? What! Say what you will about the pageantry behind the Call of Duty franchise but they own first person shooter games. Every entry seems to get better and better and this game is no exception to that. So is this game worth your money?

I think the answer is an overwhelming yes! I sat down to get a few shots for a video review. My plan was just to get to some of the spaceship battles and what not. I figured this would take twenty minutes at the most and it did. But the problem I ran into was the pure fact that I didn’t want to stop playing. With now two hours in I had to force myself to stop before I was worthless at work the following day. This in and of itself is a great sign in whether or not a game is worth it for me to play. If I can’t put it down, that means everyone should be playing it.

So what’s good about this game? The graphics first and foremost are amazing. Stunning visuals that make the world come to life and character models that look spot on to the actors that play them are the first things you notice. Jon Snow has never looked so good as the antagonist as he does in this game. Then of course there is the familiar yet refined buttons and controls schemes that we have come to know as the standard for FPS games. There is something comforting to being able to jump into a game and know what to do with little to no instruction. And of course the piece de resistance is the fact that there is an amazing space battle system. This is what I wish all games with space battles would have adopted. The spaceships are easy to control and though fast paced, you don’t lose the location of enemy ships easily like some other games that add a flying section to their games…I’m looking at you Battlefield One.

So what are the cons? With limited hands on experience with this game, my only complaint is there isn’t enough Jon Snow aka Kit Harrington. He plays an excellent antagonist and I wish there where more confrontations with just him but the build up to the final battle with him is looking well worth my time. Of course the other issue with amazing graphics on the PC is the fact that sometimes they are too much for a system to handle. During cut scenes I noticed that I couldn’t record because my system had issues running both my recording software and the game at the same time. Granted I am not doing a let’s play of the game so this isn’t really an issue but it does mean that someone with an older system will have to sacrifice graphics to play this game. However, for me that would be worth it.

So in short, if you’re reading this and were on the fence as to where you should drop $59.99 on Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, I tell you now, if you don’t play this one…you’re missing out.


  • Compelling Story
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Space battles done right
  • Familiar controller schemes that make it easy to jump into
  • Jon Snow!


  • Graphics can cause an issue on older PC’s
  • Not enough Jon Snow

Rating 10/10