I’ll be honest, I didn’t play the original dishonored. So this is my first attempt at this type of game. Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate stealth games. In video games I’m the type of player that charges the front lines to mow down the enemy. I carve my way through every objective without so much of a second thought that there is any other way. When stealth enters the game I typically ignore it unless doing so automatically loses the game for me and forces me to try again. So why play a stealth game? Well because it looks amazing and there is buzz galore around it. So will Dishonored 2 live up to the hype or will it face a crowd of people that despise it like Mafia 3 (which I like for the story all things disclosed)? And of course there is always the question, is it worth my hard earned money?

So let’s talk about this one. First thing of the bat is the amazing graphics that this game showcases. It’s colorful and the art style for the people in this game is amazing. Though honestly you’ll be hard pressed to find a triple A title that doesn’t look amazing these days, but this game kept to the artistic flare that made the original feel so different. It’s not enough to make a game look amazing and realistic, it has to be unique. Dishonored 2 does this very well. The character models look great and the exaggerated features make each unique character just that more unique and special to see.

So what about the gameplay? Well it plays fairly easy and feels like most other games of the genre however…I found myself not liking the way that you switch over to different weapons. For some reason I didn’t like the idea of pushing the left bumper and selecting the next weapon or gizmo that way, not to mention it freezes time. It felt cumbersome and in a game where your stealth could be ruined by one misstep a menu that pauses time allows for too much thinking in a panicked scenario. I would have loved to see a more integrated system that was part of the hud that didn’t pause time. Need a health potion no worries just hit left bumper and pop a potion and don’t worry though you wont be hit while taking it. If the goal is to encourage stealth then forcing the player to actually think before they leap would have been a nice touch.

However to the point of stealth or brute force the game lets you choose. Do you kill all your foes or do you let them live to fight another day? This choice is up to you. The first game gave you different endings based on what you chose…or so I’m told…and I wouldn’t put it past this one to do the same. After my first mission to get out of Dunwall, I received a warning by an in game character that I killed so many people. The games way of telling me I was on the dark path perchance? Well I didn’t listen and kept killing…not sure how that’ll turn out but I physically can’t stop myself from killing those that oppose me in this game. Perhaps games have just ingrained in me that death is the only way to get through a video game these days. Whatever it is, the idea of choice is there. However the game rewards you at the end of chapters for not killing people but it doesn’t do the same for killing everyone. I think the game devs are trying to tell me something but I’m not sure what is. All I can tell is that though I have choice, the game really wants me to play it like a stealth game, get in and get out without anyone knowing I was there….I just can’t do it…

My other gripe with this game is voice acting. Now I’m not normally a stickler about this seeing as I came from the time when voice acting was rare and if it was…well it was Resident Evil and if you’ve never heard any of the quality voice acting work on that masterpiece then just google that…And though this game has voice acting talents from Sam Rockwell, Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio, one of the main characters Corvo Attano, is voice by someone that sounds like, me…quite honestly…trying really hard to read the lines but coming up a little short. However Emily Kaldwin, the other protagonist, voiced by Erica Luttrell is much easier to play and listen to. Though when I play a game that has quality voice acting work I don’t notice anything but when you have one bad voice actor…well you notice.

So what to say about the game. It’s overall a good game but is it worth retail? Should you drop $59.99 on it right off the bat? Sadly I don’t think so. If you played and enjoyed the original then by all means drop the money and get it. But for me, I wish I had waited to grab this one. While it has a lot of good things it has a few things that conceptually I don’t like. I want to feel like going into my menu could cost me my life, I want to feel like I actually have the choice to kill or play for stealth. But this game doesn’t do that. All in all it’s not bad but it’s not great either. Maybe if I can get through more of the story but right now I feel overwhelmed by it’s scope. I don’t see how anyone can get everything in the game without killing someone, though I know plenty will. I just don’t have the patience for trying or, sadly, for continuing to play this game.


  • Amazing Graphics
  • Good art style
  • Fun combat


  • Combat is not rewarded
  • The idea of choice in the game doesn’t actually feel like I have a choice
  • Not a great system for switching weapons and gizmos
  • Voice acting in a main character is subpar
  • Story falls short to keep my interest

Rating  5/10